June 14 Infomail

Posted by Kristen Frill on Jun 11 2021 at 04:04PM PDT

Please see the information below for team updates.

1. There was recently a House of Delegates meeting where we had coaches, Board members, and our swim reps in attendance. We were hoping to receive short course meet dates like we normally do but unfortunately, no meet dates were given. Hopefully in the near future there will be short course meets provided for us to do our long range planning.

2. We have reached out again requesting to be part of the July 10 meet with FOX swimming. As soon as we receive the meet file it will be sent out to swimmers to sign up.

3. There is NO definite plan for a long course championship meet. Possible locations were given for this meet at the HOD meeting and a previous coaches meeting but there is NOTHING confirmed. Again, this will be sent out to qualified swimmers when we receive confirmation.

4. We recently purchased many pieces of equipment thanks to our fundraisers. Thanks to the coaches who researched what would be best for our swimmers! Thanks to all of you for helping us raise money for it all! The pieces we purchased were:

- Tempo Trainers

- Swim Bungees

- Lap Counters

- Backstroke Ledges

- Swim Rings

5. If you have a SENIOR that graduated this year, please let us know ASAP!

6. Summer session updates: we have been in contact with the college and have no definitive date for when we might be able to get lanes. When we were in lane negotiations with the college and the original email was sent, we budgeted for it to cost more than it actually ended up. The Board is looking at options to make adjustments to this current session.

7. Finally, at the start of our short course season we will again host a parents’ meeting. At this meeting we will provide our long term plan for meets (hoping we have dates for them!), our operating budget, and coaching plan.

Good luck to all the swimmers this weekend swimming in the meet!


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