GMAC Winter session & schedule update

Posted by Emily Burghardt on Jan 08 2021 at 11:47AM PST

Our winter session January 11, 2021- March 13, 2021 is now open for registration.
Email or to schedule an evaluation and get the registration link.

Updated practice times below to maximize our lane usage and groups.

Level 1: FULL
M/W/F 6-8p (45dry,75wet)
Tu or Th: 430-6p (90wet) – Coach will assign group (Half will swim Tu, other half Th)
SAT: 645-9a (15dry,120wet)

Level 2: 1 spot
M/W/F 5-645p (30dry,75wet)
SAT 830-1030a (30dry,90wet)

Level 3: 2 spots
Tu/Th: 630-8p (30dry,60wet)
SAT: 830-1030a (30dry,90wet)

Level 4: FULL
Tu/Th: 545-7p (15dry,60wet)
SAT: 1015-1130a (15dry,60wet)

Level 5: FULL
Tu/Th: 530-630p (60wet)
SAT: 1030-1130a (60wet)

In order to keep our swimmers safe we will …
1. Continue to check athlete temperatures before practice begins.
2. Do our best to keep consistent lane assignments
3. Do our best to keep swimmers wearing a mask on deck and distanced 6ft apart at all times.
4. Continue to only allow parents on deck with children 8under or for specific medical or behavioral reason.
5. Limit locker room use as much as possible (come dressed with suits).
This is a team effort, please continue to stress the importance of COVID guidelines to your children.

Looking forward to another successful swim session at Great Mills.

Be safe, see you on deck.
Coach Emily


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