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Mindset Monday, June 8th 2020

First off I just want to say that I really enjoyed our zoom call/workout last Friday, it was great to see you guys and hear about the things you have been struggling with.

Some fo you have been struggling with staying motivated—you’re not alone! I’ve also been struggling to stay motivated on a daily basis. It’s been hard to find motivation to do everyday tasks like cleaning or working out, especially working out. It’s been a big shift from training with your friends in a pool or gym to having to workout at home by yourself with little or no equipment and no pool. Motivation can be pretty hard to come by, and you might find yourself in a dark place at times (meaning: sometimes you might feel pretty sad, angry, or depressed). You might have heard the phrase “the light at the end of the tunnel”—usually this means that you are in a dark place, but you can see the end and you know you will get there soon, so you hold on to that hope and it gets you out of the tunnel.

But what if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s just darkness?

That’s when our flip the switch mindset comes into play. You can either quit, or keep going. If you choose to keep going, you can either walk in darkness, or you can start a fire and make your own light. When we find ourselves angry or depressed, it can be hard or even impossible to see the light at the end of our tunnel. It’s really hard to keep going without some sort of light, some sense of direction. What’s the point of moving when you don’t even know where you are going? This is when we need to find the light within ourselves and decide to hold on to something. When I have no motivation to train and I find myself in a dark place, I ask myself, “what’s the point? Why am I doing this?”

When I ask myself that question, I remember that I have always wanted to compete at a high level in sports. In ANY sport—I just want to be good at something and be able to prove that to myself and others through competition. When I remember that, I realize that if I want to compete, I have to train and be the best I can be, not for anyone else, but for myself. That gets me motivated to train, and I quickly remember that I love training anyways and even if I never end up being good enough to compete at a high level, I just love working out and that’s good enough for me.

So when you find yourself in a dark place and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, find the light within yourself—find your purpose, remember your why. Hold on to that, and let it become the light that guides you out of the darkness. Become the best YOU can be, and don’t waste your energy comparing yourself to what other people can do. Be the best YOU!

New sheets are attached to this post!

Team dryland warm-up, about 10 each

  • Calf stretch
  • Knee hug
  • Quad stretch
  • Single leg RDL
  • Frankensteins
  • Open the gates
  • Close the gates
  • Lunge and reach
  • Heel/toe stretch
  • Arm circles
  • Dynamic squat stretch
  • Horizontal arm circles

If you have not been running:
10 rounds:
Run for 1:00 (light/moderate pace)
Rest for 0:30

If you have been running:
8 rounds:
Run for 0:20 (moderate/fast pace)
Rest for 0:10
Run for 0:10 (fast/sprint pace)
Rest for 0:20

10:00 AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
10 squats
10 plank shoulder taps (1, 2)
10 lunges (1,2)
10 push-ups
10 burpees

The goal is to stay moving and to make each movement a good one! Meaning, have good form for every rep! Proper form is more important than going fast. But if you can do both then that’s even better! If you have difficulty doing regular push-ups from the floor, do incline push-ups instead. Incline push-ups are where you have your hands on an elevated surface like a chair, bed, or bench. See video below.

Stretch for 10 minutes

Air Squats

Plank Shoulder Taps

(doesn’t matter where your hands/arms are)

Incline Push-ups



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