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Here are the results from our last Time Trials event.

Thank you SO much to all of our coaches, parent volunteers, and athletes for making this event such a success!

Coach Liz

The document GMAC_May_Time_Trials_-_lvl3-5_-_1MAY21_-_Heat_Results.pdf was attached to this post.


Location: Claude Moore Recreation Center, 46105 Loudoun Park Ln, Sterling, VA 21117, USA
Cost: $20 athlete fee, $8 per event

GMAC has a limit on allowed swimmers per session. I may have to move swimmers into different sessions based on availability. We need a minimum of 6 kids per session, max of 20.
There seems to be issues with active allowing athletes to sign up. There are no qualifying times. Max of 3 events per day.
Entries are due April 01 by noon.
As a work around to active please send entries to
I need the name of swimmer event #, event, and best long course meter time. See attached report to find out event and event number.
Link to look up your best time:

  • PLEASE title your entry email: Fox April LCM Meet – Last name
    Child name 1: John, doe
    Event #XX 200xx – time
    Event #xx 50xx – time
    Child name 2: Jane, doe
    Event #XX 100xx – time

Session 1 & 4 (12 & under – only for Gmac 9-12 years)
Warm-ups at 7 am and session starts at 8:05 am

Session 2 & 5 (11-14years)
Warm-ups at 10:30 and session starts at 11:35 am

Session 3 & 6 (open or 15&over)
Warm-ups at 2:00 and Session starts at 3:05 pm

The document april_lcm_meet_session_report.pdf was attached to this post.

GMAC practice is cancelled this Friday & Saturday.

Good luck to swimmers in the FSC meet.

Link to meet documents:

Please make sure to review site addendum and warm-up times. Swimmers should arrive 15min before warm-up times.
It’s a long way to travel and show up late or unprepared!

Reminder no parents on deck and bring plastic bags for your mask.

Coach line-up:

Sr B: Max
Sr A: Max, Meagan
Jr A: Mindy
10&U: Meagan, Mindy, Emily

Sr B: Max
Sr A: Max, Meagan
Jr A: Liz
Jr B: Liz, Meagan

Sr B: Max, Mindy
Sr A: Max, Meagan
Jr A: tbd


Spring Session March 15, 2021 – May 8, 2021 (NOW OPEN TO PUBLIC)

Email or to schedule an evaluation and get the registration link.

Practice times below:

Level 1: FULL
M/W/F 6-8p (45dry,75wet)
Tu or Th: 430-6p (90wet) – Coach will assign group (Half will swim Tu, other half Th)
SAT: 645-9a (15dry,120wet)

Level 2: 2 spots
M/W/F 5-645p (30dry,75wet)
SAT 830-1030a (30dry,90wet)

Level 3: 5 spots open
Tu/Th: 630-8p (30dry,60wet)
SAT: 830-1030a (30dry,90wet)

Level 4: 1 spots open
Tu/Th: 545-7p (15dry,60wet)
SAT: 1015-1130a (15dry,60wet)

Level 5: 1 spot open
Tu/Th: 530-630p (60wet)
SAT: 1030-1130a (60wet)

In order to keep our swimmers safe we will …
1. Continue to check athlete temperatures before practice begins.
2. Do our best to keep consistent lane assignments
3. Do our best to keep swimmers wearing a mask on deck and distanced 6ft apart at all times.
4. Continue to only allow parents on deck with children 8under or for specific medical or behavioral reason.
5. Limit locker room use as much as possible (come dressed with suits).
This is a team effort, please continue to stress the importance of COVID guidelines to your children.

Looking forward to another successful swim session at Great Mills.