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Posted by Max Lucas on Apr 21 2020 at 06:17AM PDT


Tuesday, April 21th 2020

If you have not already done so, print out your sticker sheet for this week!
To print out a sticker sheet, click on the link at the bottom of this post and print it (file + print or control + p). It’s called “GMAC Sticker Sheet – Week 1”.

Team dryland warm-up, about 10 each

  • Calf stretch
  • Knee hug
  • Quad stretch
  • Single leg RDL
  • Frankensteins
  • Open the gates
  • Close the gates
  • Lunge and reach
  • Heel/toe stretch
  • Arm circles
  • Dynamic squat stretch
  • Horizontal arm circles

3 sets of deadbugs:
15 left leg only
15 right leg only
15 arms only (both)
15 left arm + right leg
15 right arm + left leg

*Rest 60-90s between rounds. If you have a kettlebell or other weighted object, you may use that to increase the difficulty of the exercise. Hold it against your knee and remember to focus on form and moving at a controlled pace. Control your breathing as well!

For Time:
100 air squats

This is a quick workout that will burn! Form is key here, every squat should be perfect! Remember to keep your feet flat on the ground, keep your knees in line with your toes (If you look down at your knees during a squat, they shouldn’t be forward in front of your toes). See the video demo below for proper form. This should take 2-5 minutes at most.


For Time:
Jumping jacks
Jumping squats
Mountain climbers

Do 30 jumping jacks, then 30 jumping squats, then 30 mountain climbers. Then 20 of each, then 10 of each. Try to move at a steady pace, short breaks (10 seconds or less) are best. For the jumping squats, your feet have to leave the ground for it to count, but you’ll get a better workout if you jump higher. It’ll probably hurt more too…

3×12 Backpack RDLs

See link below for how to do backpack RDLs. We have done them during drylands with a PVC pipe. It’s the same movement except you have a backpack instead of a pipe. I would recommend having the backpack in front of you. You can hold it against your body or hold with both hands in front of you by the straps so your arms are relaxed. Either way, focus on keeping your back straight (nor arched or bent), core tight, and use your glutes and hamstrings to perform the movement. Remember, your hamstrings are the back of your legs (you should feel a stretch when doing these) and your glutes are the muscles in your butt. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.

Stretch for 10 minutes

I really hope you know how to do these with how many times we’ve done them at practice

Air Squats

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Squats
It’s an air squat but you jump (I also call them squat jumps)

Mountain Climbers

Backpack RDL

The document GMAC_Sticker_Sheet_-_Week_1.pdf was attached to this post.


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